Let's reduce energy used for lighting by 75%

Solid-State Lighting has the potential to revolutionise the efficiency, appearance, and quality of lighting, as we know it and has been identified not only to fill the efficiency gap but also to replace environmentally unfriendly compact fluorescent lamps.

Who we are

Metrology for Solid State Lighting is a three year EU funded project supporting wide scale adoption of solid state lighting (SSL) through reliable and unambiguous measurement.

SSL is evaluated as the most efficient lighting technology; it is predicted to be typically twice as energy efficient as fluorescent lamps and ten times more efficient than incandescent lamps, although current products are still in their early stages. As the world electricity consumption for lighting is one fifth of the global grand total, considerable reduction of energy consumption is obtained when replacing conventional lighting products by SSL technology.

Scientists from institutes across Europe have worked together on the project to:

  • Develop and validate traceable measurement methods for solid-state lighting products, including optical, electrical, thermal and materials properties.
  • Consider the full range from microscopic properties over single devices, to in-situ solid-state lighting products/systems, paying particular attention to the measurement of spectral changes over time, with implications for colour rendition, and colour appearance.
  • Develop and validate traceable ‘quality-metrics’ for the products / systems, and related optical components.
  • Develop and validate quantitative measurement systems and metrics for the human perception of solid-state lighting products/systems.
  • EMRP